About Maven

Our History

“The future is in spare parts”

What began seven decades ago as a small trading company has grown exponentially over time and across industries. We have expanded, globally, into the railroad, automotive, defense, industrial, and oil and gas industries. We have changed with the times, from the post-WWII and Cold War Eras into the 21st Century, keeping pace with the era of global intelligence.

Our growth and enduring success can be attributed to a strong foundation of integrity, reliability, experience, and leadership, built throughout our company’s rich history. Our team is made up of committed owners and managers, who for decades have excelled in their fields and exceeded expectations. Our enviable database of customers, suppliers, parts, drawings, and inventory simply underscores our strength and ability to deliver. From large original equipment manufacturers and federal agencies to small local repair shops, Maven is wholly recognized as a trusted leader in the industry. We are proud of our 70-year history supplying aftermarket and original equipment spare parts, and we look forward to many more years of excellent service.

“The future is in spare parts”. An attaché at an Italian Embassy social event in the post-World War II Era uttered these prosaic, yet visionary words to Maven’s founder, Lillian Kessler.

Our Vision

During WWII, there was an urgent need to keep the Allied forces running by maintaining the U.S.-made military equipment left behind in Europe. That vision sparked an idea, and in 1946, from a rowhouse in downtown Washington, D.C., our founder opened the proverbial doors of the company.


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