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Maven Engineering is a supplier of locomotive engine parts to railroad operators, rebuilders and repair shops around the world. An industry leader since 1982, our reputation in the railroad industry is a direct reflection of our commitment to integrity at every level of our business.

With the strength and experience gained through decades of service, we are able to offer an unbeatable combination of quality and price. We specialize in aftermarket parts for GE®, EMD® and ALCO® engines, and our extensive inventory guarantees fast turnaround and lower shipping costs to keep your locomotive fleet running.

Tilly Industries, Inc.

Tilly Industries, Inc.

Tilly Industries Inc. situé à Montréal, Québec, Canada, est une filiale en propriété exclusive de Maven Engineering Corporation. Tilly Industries fournit des pièces usinées de hautes précisions pour moteurs de locomotives. Utilisant des machines à contrôle numérique (CNC), Tilly Industries offre une qualité supérieure et 100% d’uniformité dans une gamme complète de pièces de rechanges fabriquées aux spécifications des fabricants d’équipements d’origine (OEM).

Tilly Industries fabrique des pièces de rechanges pour moteurs et turbocompresseurs de locomotives GE®, EMD® and ALCO®. Toutes les pièces sont produites en utilisant la meilleure qualité de matériaux et font parties d’un programme de qualité qui a été conçu pour refléter les exigences strictes du programme de contrôle de qualité de l’Association Canadienne de Normalisation.

Tilly Industries Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maven Engineering Corporation, located in Montreal, Canada. Tilly provides precision machined parts for locomotive engines. Using state of the art computer numerical control (CNC) machines, Tilly Industries offers superior quality and 100% uniformity in a full range of aftermarket parts made to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Tilly manufactures aftermarket GE®, EMD® and ALCO® Engine and Turbocharger Parts. All parts are produced using the highest grade materials and are part of a quality program that was designed to reflect the strict requirements of the Canadian Standard Association Quality Control Program.”

Carl M. Cummings Manufacturing Company

Carl M. Cummings Manufacturing Company

CMC is a proven provider of aftermarket locomotive and marine engine parts, offering an extensive range of valve and valve related products for railroad and marine clients around the world. CMC supplies parts for GE®, EMD® and ALCO® locomotive engines. With the strength and experience gained through decades of service, CMC is able to offer an unbeatable combination of quality and price.

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