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Since 1946, Maven has been supplying products to the US military and its allies worldwide. Through our global network of offices and representatives, we provide the best quality parts from leading manufacturers at competitive prices. Our largest customer is the US Department of Defense, and we have successfully completed thousands of contracts for parts and equipment to various DoD agencies. We are also a registered supplier to several major US prime contractors. Internationally, we have successfully completed contracts for direct military sale to over 30 countries. We are also unique from most other companies our size in that we have our own manufacturing facility in California, where we produce precision parts used on aircraft, tanks and naval vessels.


Maven supplies a wide variety of parts for most U.S. made legacy fixed-wing military aircraft including F-5, F-15, F-16, C-130, E2-C/E3-A, KC-135, KC-767, P-3 and for most U.S. made legacy rotary-wing aircraft including UH-60, CH-47, CH-53, and others. We can also supply a broad range of Ground Support Equipment (test stands, towbars, maintenance fixtures), as well as inflatable maintenance shelters.


Maven supplies a wide variety of parts for many Armored Personnel Carriers including the M-1 Abrams, M-113, HIMARS, Paladin, Bradley and M-48/M-60 Patton tanks. We specialize in the more complex components such as the electro-mechanical systems, hydraulic manifolds, life support systems (HVAC, NBC), engine bearings and turbochargers.


The HAWK® and PATRIOT® missile systems are still widely used by many US allies, and Maven can supply most of the parts used in the launchers including Circuit Card Assemblies (CCA), Cables, Generators, Voltage Regulators and more. We can also provide Repair & Return (R&R) service on many HAWK® components.

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